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Establishing Ya Zhong Center of Innovation Education And Scholarship - Yazhou Liu, Xiaolin Li, James Zhongzi Lee and other alumni strongly support their Alma Mater


On June 22, 2015, Yazhou Liu affectionately wrote “I am a Wuhan University Alumnus. My alma mater weighs on my heart like the heavens, and which is the greatest source of motivation and inspiration”. Yazhou Liu is an alumnus of Wuhan’s Foreign Languages department, class of 1972. From those early days as a Wuhan student, he has advanced to become a senior general of the People’s Liberation Army of China and a political committee member of the National Defence University.

Although forty years have passed since their graduation, Yazhou Liu, Xiaolin Li, James Zhongzi Lee and other Department of Foreign Languages alumni of 1972 have always demonstrated an enthusiasm for the development and advancement of their alma mater. In recent times, these alumni have collaborated to establish the Ya Zhong Centre of Innovative Education at Wuhan University, and have funded a corresponding scholarship to support potential students. James Zhongzi Lee donated five million RMB (£575,000; $750,000) on behalf of his company, Lee World Holdings. The donation ceremony was held on June 23rd, 2015.

Since Yazhou Liu was on active military duty at that time, Liu appointed General Jieming Wu, Deputy Political Commissar of the National Defence University, to attend the ceremony in his name. Yazhou Liu wrote two letters, one to the school and one to his fellow classmates, and kindly donated a series of the Liu Yazhou Anthology to the school’s library.

Other attendees of the inaugural ceremony include Lee World Holdings Chairman James Zhongzi Lee, and over thirty representatives of the Foreign Language Department, alumni of the Class of 1972, university leaders such as Jin Han, Yezhong Zhouand Weiwei Ying and Dekun Hu, who is a Senior Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences. Staff from a range of other university departments, as well as over forty representatives of teachers and students from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, all attended to celebrate the occasion.  

James Zhongzi Lee signed a donation agreement with Weiwei Ying, member of the Standing Committee for the School Party Committee, and the Chief Accountant. Jieming Wu and Jin Han jointly inaugurated the Ya Zhong Centre of Innovative Education at Wuhan University. Due to their profound academic accomplishments and contributions to the advancement of their respective fields, Yazhou Liu, Xiaolin Li and Zhongzi Li were designated Guest Professors of Wuhan University, and researchers for the National Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights and Interests department within the Collaborative Innovation Centre. James Zhongzi Lee was appointed as President of the Board of Directors, a position granted by way of a letter of appointment by Jin Han, Party Secretary of the University.

Wuhan University also nominated James Zhongzi Lee as Guest Professor and Research Fellow. James was appointed as President and was granted a letter of appointment by Han Jin, Party Secretary of University.