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A Message from the Honorary Director - “Professor Lee Talks about Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

On June 23rd 2015, a seminar entitled “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: To Realize Your Dream in Life” was held in the main Lecture Hall on the first floor of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature. The seminar was delivered by Professor James Zhongzi Lee, a Guest Professor of Wuhan University, and also the Chairman of Lee World Holdings. Professor Qinggang Du, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, along with the Director of YZCIE, chaired the seminar. Other attendees included Professor Ying Che (Deputy Director of YZCIE), Mr Hao Hu (Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature), and just under 400 undergraduate and graduate students and faculty staff from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature.

Professor James Zhongzi Lee shared with the audience his own rich experience in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial endeavours. In his early years, he started his own business with merely 10,000 dollars, investing in Therapy Balls in America. After some initial successes in Therapy Balls, he shifted to the manufacturing industry, relying entirely his business acumen, and started to produce auto parts. With consummate care and skill, that business venture grew, and at one point took up 70% of market share in America. As his business became, progressively a success, Lee invested in real estate development, securities, education and other commercial fields one after another. He even contributed to the development of the market for small, low-altitude aircraft navigation in China. Professor Lee reiterated the value of practice to the youth in attendance at the seminar: “theoretical knowledge should go hand in hand with practice and young people should carry out and start to gain their practical experiences much earlier”.